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Feb 29 / Ang

Carlos talks with The Magazine

They went from the most popular live-action program on Nickelodeon to a chart-topping band, and now they’re selling out stadiums across North America. Their name, Big Time Rush, describes their big time career pretty accurately. BTR recently hit up Toronto’s Air Canada Center and created quite the crowd with their tour buddies, One Direction.

While in town, The Mag got the chance to speak with Rush member Carlos Pena Jr.! Here’s what he said about performing in Toronto, writing songs, and how he’s more like Logan’s character than his own…

So how was your show at the ACC?
The show was crazy; so much fun and there were so many people there. The energy was awesome for our first time being in Toronto.

How are you enjoying Toronto?
I love it. It’s very quaint and very clean!

How would you say the Toronto audience is different from any other audiences you’ve performed for?
Well, the energy was just crazy last night and we could tell that the fans were really excited, which was awesome.

How has the tour been going overall?
The tour’s been going great! I mean, we’re really lucky to have so many venues [unclear?] everywhere. It has just been a really cool experience to go from a TV show to doing it in real life.

You can read the full interview at the Source.